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Wax bean salad, sushi rice, steamed corn, oven-braised mushrooms, shishito peppers, zuchinni with lemon and onion, roasted eggplant and tomatoes, stir-fried pea shoots and beet greens

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Seaweed-tofu soup, braised kale, and dumplings

Quick weeknight meal when there are some homemade dumplings in the freezer. Seaweed soup recipe here, and greens recipe here.

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Veggie Pho

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Seaweed soup and kimchi fried rice

Seaweed soup recipe here.

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1-2-3 Noodle Soup with choy sum and squash

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1-2-3 Noodle Soup with mushrooms, bok choy, peppers, and poufy tofu

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1-2-3 Noodle Soup with mushrooms, bok choy, and poufy tofu

1-2-3 Noodle Soup

2 servings noodles (pictured: Chinese wheat and buckwheat noodles)
1 cup (1 pkg.) Shimeji or other mushrooms, separated and rinsed
6 heads baby bok choy, or other asian greens (lettuce is also surprisingly good)
1 cup tofu puffs
2 green onions
2 Tbl vinegar
2 Tbl shoyu
1-2 Tbl MSG-free seasoning powder (alternatively: a few pieces kombu and a couple dried shitakes)


Place the seasoning powder, the mushrooms and 5-6 cups of water in a pot and bring to a boil. Slice the tofu puffs in half and put them in. Then, prep the vegetables: rinse & chop the bok choy and green onions. Add the noodles and then the vegetables and cook until they are just tender. Add the shoyu and vinegar, adding more to taste as desired.

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Dim sum (Lock Cha Teahouse)

The Lock Cha Teahouse has the best vegetarian dim sum in Hong Kong. However, it is a bit pricey, and the waitstaff are sometimes a bit surly. The tea is lovely, there is a changing daily menu of exclusively vegetarian dim sum, and it is located inside of Hong Kong park; coming here was always relaxing.

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Chinese dessert!

One thing I miss about Hong Kong is the dessert restaurants. You can have a complete, balanced (except maybe with too much sugar) meal at one of these places! And there are lots of vegan options! Desserts are made of things like beans, sweet (and not-so-sweet) potatoes, nuts, seeds, fruits, chia, rice, tofu, and so on. Pictured here are cold mango/coconut sweet soup, warm silken tofu dessert with sweet black sesame sauce, and mochi filled with fresh mango and rolled in coconut.

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Dim sum (Three Virtues Restaurant, Hong Kong)

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