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Caitlin in Hong Kong

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Hey Guys,

We have moved house! Amy and John are living out of their camper while finishing up getting ready for their long trip to Mexico, and the remaining three of us are in a new (smaller but sunnier) house.

Moving has meant a lot of eating out and quick meals of brown rice with greens and fish/tofu/tempeh, so there has not been much to post.

Hopefully, that will change when we get back from winter travel. Have a Happy New Year!

Caitlin and Jaeheon and Ian

Labor Day Weekend Hiking

This weekend we went aquahiking at Arroyo Seco state park. We spent a night down there, and went out to dinner (mexican food at Tortilla Flats) on the way back. So, no food pictures.

Monday night Ian made us baked tofu, roasted pepper, roasted tomato and aioli sandwiches on ciabatta which we ate on a picnic by the ocean. They were delicious, but we did not have the camera.

Julie and Julia

Tonight we did not make dinner at home — because we went to go see Julie and Julia. It was a good movie, particularly Meryl Streep as Julia Child. We had a quick dinner at the newly opened and lovely Cafe Delmarette.